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smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes smiling face with open mouth smiling face with smiling eyes white smiling face winking face smiling face with heart-shaped eyes face throwing a kiss kissing face with closed eyes face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye face with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyes flushed face grinning face with smiling eyes pensive face relieved face unamused face disappointed face persevering face crying face face with tears of joy loudly crying face sleepy face disappointed but relieved face face with open mouth and cold sweat face with cold sweat weary face tired face fearful face face screaming in fear angry face pouting face face with look of triumph confounded face smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes face with medical mask dizzy face astonished face imp smirking face man with gua pi mao man with turban police officer construction worker guardsman baby boy girl man woman older man older woman person with blond hair baby angel princess smiling cat face with open mouth grinning cat face with smiling eyes smiling cat face with heart-shaped eyes kissing cat face with closed eyes cat face with wry smile weary cat face crying cat face cat face with tears of joy skull extraterrestrial alien pile of poo fire sparkles glowing star anger symbol splashing sweat symbol droplet sleeping symbol dash symbol ear eyes nose tongue mouth thumbs up sign thumbs down sign ok hand sign fisted hand sign raised fist victory hand waving hand sign raised hand open hands sign white up pointing backhand index white down pointing backhand index white right pointing backhand index white left pointing backhand index person raising both hands in celebration person with folded hands white up pointing index clapping hands sign flexed biceps dancer man and woman holding hands kiss couple with heart woman with bunny ears happy person raising one hand nail polish person frowning top hat crown womans hat athletic shoe womans sandal high-heeled shoe womans boots t-shirt necktie dress kimono bikini briefcase handbag ribbon closed umbrella lipstick yellow heart blue heart purple heart green heart heavy black heart broken heart growing heart beating heart sparkling heart revolving hearts heart with arrow love letter kiss mark ring gem stone smile frown tongue grin gasp wink glasses sunglasses grumpy unsure cry devil angel kiss heart kiki squint confused confused_rev upset pacman robot colonthree penguin putnam shark like! stool and shit dog face wolf face cat face mouse face hamster face rabbit face frog face tiger face koala bear face pig face cow face boar monkey face monkey horse face sheep elephant penguin bird front-facing baby chick chicken snake bug octopus spiral shell tropical fish fish dolphin spouting whale horse blowfish bactrian camel poodle paw prints bouquet cherry blossom tulip four leaf clover rose sunflower hibiscus maple leaf leaf fluttering in wind fallen leaf ear of rice cactus palm tree seedling crescent moon white medium star black sun with rays cloud high voltage sign umbrella with rain drops snowman without snow cyclone rainbow water wave pine decoration heart with ribbon japanese dolls school satchel graduation cap carp streamer wind chime jack-o-lantern ghost father christmas christmas tree wrapped present party popper balloon crossed flags movie camera camera videocassette optical disc dvd minidisc floppy disk personal computer mobile phone black telephone telephone receiver fax machine satellite antenna television radio speaker bell public address loudspeaker cheering megaphone open lock lock lock with ink pen closed lock with key key right-pointing magnifying glass electric light bulb left-pointing magnifying glass bath toilet hammer smoking symbol bomb pistol pill syringe money bag banknote with yen sign banknote with dollar sign mobile phone with rightwards arrow at left envelope envelope with downwards arrow above incoming envelope closed mailbox with raised flag closed mailbox with lowered flag open mailbox with raised flag open mailbox with lowered flag postbox memo black scissors open book artist palette clapper board microphone headphone musical score musical note multiple musical notes trumpet saxophone guitar alien monster mahjong tile red dragon direct hit american football basketball and hoop soccer ball baseball tennis racquet and ball billiards flag in hole chequered flag trophy ski and ski boot hot beverage teacup without handle sake bottle and cup beer mug clinking beer mugs cocktail glass fork and knife hamburger french fries spaghetti curry and rice bento box sushi rice ball rice cracker cooked rice steaming bowl pot of food oden dango cooking bread soft ice cream shaved ice shortcake red apple tangerine watermelon strawberry aubergine tomato house building house with garden school office building japanese post office hospital bank convenience store love hotel hotel wedding church department store sunset over buildings cityscape at dusk japanese castle european castle tent factory tokyo tower mount fuji sunrise over mountains sunrise night with stars statue of liberty ferris wheel fountain roller coaster ship sailboat speedboat rocket airplane seat station high-speed train high-speed train with bullet nose railway car bus recreational vehicle automobile taxi delivery truck police car fire engine ambulance bicycle barber pole bus stop ticket horizontal traffic light warning sign construction sign japanese symbol for beginner fuel pump hot springs performing arts upwards black arrow downwards black arrow leftwards black arrow black rightwards arrow north east arrow north west arrow south east arrow south west arrow arrow pointing rightwards then curving downwards arrow pointing rightwards then curving upwards squared up with exclamation mark squared cool antenna with bars cinema squared katakana koko squared cjk unified ideograph-6307 squared cjk unified ideograph-7a7a squared cjk unified ideograph-6e80 circled ideograph advantage squared cjk unified ideograph-5272 squared cjk unified ideograph-55b6 squared cjk unified ideograph-6709 squared cjk unified ideograph-7121 restroom mens symbol womens symbol baby symbol water closet wheelchair symbol no smoking symbol squared cjk unified ideograph-6708 squared cjk unified ideograph-7533 squared katakana sa circled ideograph secret circled ideograph congratulation no one under eighteen symbol no entry eight spoked asterisk negative squared cross mark eight pointed black star heart decoration squared vs vibration mode mobile phone off diamond shape with a dot inside double curly loop automated teller machine heavy dollar sign cross mark heavy exclamation mark symbol black question mark ornament white exclamation mark ornament white question mark ornament heavy large circle heavy multiplication x black spade suit black heart suit black club suit black diamond suit part alternation mark trident emblem black medium square white medium square black medium small square white medium small square black small square white small square black square button white square button medium black circle medium white circle large red circle large blue circle white large square black large square large orange diamond large blue diamond small orange diamond small blue diamond